Waverly's September 3rd Student Pick up/Drop off Information

Sun, 08/23/2020 - 2:00pm

Waverly Student Material Drop Off/Pick Up

September 3, 2020

Curbside Pick-Up Process:

Parents and children will remain in their car. Waverly staff will follow CDC guidelines, will maintain social distancing, and will be wearing face coverings.


Curbside Pick-Up Schedule:

Families must write their child’s full name (no nicknames) and grade level on a piece of paper for easy distribution

September 3rd Pick Up/Drop off Schedule: 




Last year's RECC/PreK students: 8:30-9am

This year’s Kindergarten Students: 9-9:30am

This year's 1st grade students (former Kindergarten): 9:30-10:00am

This year's 2nd grade students (former 1st): 10:00-10:30am

This year's 3rd grade students (former 2nd): 10:30-11:00am

This year's 4th grade students (former 3rd): 11:00-11:30am

This year's 5th grade students (former 4th): 11:30-12:00pm


If you have siblings across grade levels, come to pick up all your family's materials during your youngest child's grade level pick up/drop off time. If you cannot come during your designated time, the flexible collection/drop off time is 12-12:30pm. 


Please make every attempt to attend the September 3rd pick up/drop off date. Families who miss both opportunities need to contact cynthia_deckman@hcpss.org to arrange for individual pick up. Please note that due to staff limitations, Chromebook/curricular materials pick up before the first day of school on 9/8 cannot be guaranteed if individual pick up is required.


Curbside Pick-Up Map:

Refer to the map below and follow the established traffic pattern and stations when you arrive.  

Station 1:  Parent Check-in

  • A staff member will ask your child’s name and grade level and check you in

Station 2:  Student Materials Drop off

  • ·      Families will give personal materials for return (media books, classroom books, instruments, etc.) to staff members. Remember to separate media books from teacher owned classroom books.
  • ·      Inform the staff of your child’s teacher’s name from last year (2019-2020)
  • If families are only dropping off materials, they may exit the loop to the left of station 2 (cones will be present to guide cars)

Station 3:  Student Materials Pick Up

  • Hand your piece of paper with your child’s name and grade level to a staff member
  • Tell the staff member if your child is or is not attending Waverly this year
  • Pop open your trunk
  • Staff will place student personal items, curriculum materials, and technology (if needed) in your trunk
  • For your safety, and the safety of our staff volunteers, cars must stay in line and wait to proceed even if you receive your materials before the car in front of you. We truly appreciate your patience.