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Volunteering and Chaperoning at Waverly

At Waverly Elementary we are lucky to have so many families who are able to volunteer their time in the school building and as chaperones on field trips.  Without your assistance we would not be able to provide our students with so many wonderful opportunities. 

One of our goals in Howard County is to keep our students safe. The law requires any employee of the Howard County Public School System or school volunteer to make an immediate oral report of suspected child abuse and / or neglect. If there is ever a time that you feel that a circumstance calls for a report, your school’s counselor or administrator can help you through the process. 

Before you can volunteer or chaperone, you need to visit this module and read the information. If you would like additional information, visit the Parent Volunteer information.

After you take the training, please print this certificate and return it to the school before you volunteer.