Waverly's August 31st Student Collection/Pick up of Materials Information

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 12:11pm


Waverly Elementary School Student Collection/Drop off of Materials

On Monday, August 31st from 12-3:30pm, families will use the schedule below to collect their school supplies & materials from last year and to drop off any media books, teacher owned classroom books, and instruments (if needed.) If you are not returning to Waverly next year, you will need to return these items at this time. Students who received HCPSS Chromebooks in the Spring will keep their devices and will not be issued another device.

*Please separate media books from teacher-owned classroom books in different bags

Additionally, during this collection/drop off, families will receive their chromebooks and HCPSS curricular materials for all students in grades PreK-5. 

August 31st Pick Up Schedule:

Last year's and this year's RECC/PreK students: 12:00-12:30pm 

This year's Kindergarten students: 12:30-1pm 

This year's 1st grade students (former Kindergarten): 1-1:30pm 

This year's 2nd grade students (former 1st): 1:30-2pm 

This year's 3rd grade students (former 2nd): 2-2:30pm 

This year's 4th grade students (former 3rd): 2:30-3pm 

This year's 5th grade students (former 4th): 3-3:30pm

If you have siblings across grade levels, come to pick up all your family's materials during your youngest child's grade level pick up/drop off time. If you cannot come during your designated time, the flexible collection/drop off time is 3:30-4pm. An additional collection time will be shared with the community in the coming days if your family has an extenuating circumstance and cannot make the August 31st drop off/pick up.

What safety precautions are in place to protect families and staff during drop-off/pickup?

During the drop-off/pick up process, it is critical that students and families wear masks and remain in their cars. Families will not have access to the building during the exchange. We ask that you follow the directions of our staff members to ensure everyone's safety. We appreciate your patience during this process.

What should I do to prepare for the pick up/drop off?  

  • Please write your child/children’s first and last name (no nicknames) and grade level on a sheet of paper to make distribution easier.
  • Place all materials to be returned to Waverly in labeled bags with your child’s first and last name (the bag will not be returned to you.) Separate media books from teacher owned classroom books
  • Remember to wear your mask

Please read below for more detailed information regarding chromebooks, curricular materials, and school supply lists for virtual learning.

Every Elementary Student will be provided with a HCPSS Device

It is important for all elementary school students to use the HCPSS issued device for instructional needs and technical support. This will ensure that all students have up-to-date technology that has minimum system level requirements to run instructional applications and district approved tools. Additionally: 

  • With an HCPSS device, the school system can install software to give teachers more control and enable the teacher to provide more robust and consistent instruction experience to all students. With this software, teachers can push content to students’ Chromebooks, lock browsers to a specific website, push links to students, allow students to reach out to the teacher discreetly, etc. Teachers only have access to manage the devices of students during scheduled class time. After scheduled class time is over, the teacher would not be able to use the management tools to control students’ devices. 
  • The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was enacted by Congress in 2000 to address concerns about children’s access to obscene or harmful content over the Internet. HCPSS can ensure that all the devices are CIPA content filtered. This will help protect students and will help them stay focused on instructional content. 
  • Staff will be able to better support students who have technology questions or issues when accessing online learning resources. HCPSS staff cannot support personal devices. 

After picking up the Chromebook, families can use the directions for connecting a Chromebook to Wi-Fi to connect it to their home network. Upon taking possession of an HCPSS-owned Chromebook, families agree to these HCPSS Student Mobile Technology Duties and Obligations.

Curricular Materials for Students 

All Waverly students in PreK-5 will receive the following materials during your scheduled pick up time:


                  Materials to be distributed at Waverly 


  1. Pre-K General Printed Packet- materials for reading, writing, math, class community time etc.  
  2. Pre-K Art Pack- Watercolor Set w/ Brush, 12x18 paper, Construction paper pack, Large Eraser, 4 oz. Glue Bottle  


  1. K ELA Packet-Handwriting journals, high-frequency words, letter/sound chart, and poetry packet.  
  2.  K MATH Packet-Digit Cards 0-9, Subitizing Cards, Dots/ten frames, Ten Frame Mat, Mini ten frames, Domino Cards,  
    0-50 chart  
  3. Elementaty Art Pack

First Grade  

      1. GRADE 1 ELA Packet-Handwriting journals, high-    frequency words, letter/sound chart, poetry packet  

      2. GRADE 1 Math Packet-Digit Cards 0-9, Ten Frame Mat, Ten Frames, Domino Cards, 120 chart, Addition Chart  

      3. Art Pack

Second Grade  

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Hundreds Charts to 1,000, Addition Chart  

     Art Pack

Third Grade  

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Hundreds Charts to 1,000, Multiplication Chart  

      Art Pack

Fourth Grade  

       Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Decimal Place Value Chart, Multiplication Chart  

     Art Pack

Fifth Grade  

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Decimal Place Value Chart, Multiplication Chart  

      Art Pack