Second Grade Updates


Welcome to Second Grade!

Second Grade

It’s hard to believe that first quarter is over already. The students have done a great job handling the everyday routines. We have completed our first science, social studies, and health units and are beginning the units below. Throughout the year we will work with the Writing Framework and cover personal narrative, opinion and informational writing.


Upcoming Dates:

American Education Week – November 14th – 18th

Conferences - November 21st and 22nd

Field Trip – Toby’s – December 22nd

   “The Ugly Duckling”



In this unit, students will cooperatively and independently manipulate two and three-dimensional models of Earth to make observations of and ask questions about patterns in Earth's features. Students will obtain information through research about the land and water features of Earth. This information will communicated through cooperative presentations and independently generated non-fiction picture books.


Social Studies:

The second unit is titled, People and the Environment. The students will be learning about how our environment impacts our lives, how people adapt to environmental changes and how our actions impact the environment and things we can do to protect it.



Our next unit in health is an important one. We will be covering safety, first aid, and injury prevention. Along with identifying and responding to first-aid situations, students will be working on identifying ways to stay safe around strangers and acquaintances along with differentiating between good and bad secrets. They will also be discussing adults who can help them in an uncomfortable relationship.