Third Grade Updates

Welcome to Third Grade!


Our first quarter in Team Three was a great success! As we enter the second quarter, we look forward to many exciting units of study.  
Social Studies:  Mapping Our World
       Lessons will focus on:
v World Maps
v U.S. Regions
v Geography and People
v Immigration
v Sharing and Borrowing Culture
Math:  All students should be practicing multiplication facts daily.  
3rd grade: Fractions, telling time to the nearest minute, problem solving, and continuing with multiplication and division strategies
4th grade: Multiplication and division strategies, fractions, and multi-step word problems involving multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.
Science:  Students will be learning about forces and motion. They will be exploring
using the experimentation and engineering design process.  
Language Arts: 
Responding to What We Read: Essays – well developed extended responses
Writing Genres:  Stating Opinion – Formal Letter Writing, and
Reading:  Biographies and Informational Texts surrounding the units of Determination and Immigration. Students will be learning about immigrants and will culminate the unit with an immigration research project.