Fourth Grade Updates

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Second Quarter Updates from Team 4


Fourth grade has some wonderful plans prepared for your child in the second quarter.


Upcoming Dates


Nov 14-18  American Education Week

Nov 21  3 hour early dismissal for conferences

Nov 22  3 hour early dismissal for conferences

Nov 23  No School for conferences

Nov 24-27 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 15-23 Paper Football Tournament Introduction and Sign Up

Dec 24-Jan 2 Winter Break

Jan 9-Jan 31 Fifth Annual Fourth Grade Paper Football Tournament  



The second science unit will be a study of waves.  We will look at ocean waves, sound waves, waves in all aspects of life.


Social Studies

Our second unit is titled Maryland – From Settlement to State (1630-1800)

We will discuss the following questions:

·     Who were the early settlers of Maryland, and why did they come to the new colony?

·     Who were some of the first people to voyage from Europe to Maryland, and what were their contributions to the new colony?

·     How did slavery become established in the Maryland colony?

·     Why did colonial towns develop in different areas of Maryland?

·     Why did Maryland colonists become angry with the British government?

·     Who were Maryland’s four signers, and why did they sign the Declaration of Independence?

·     How were the people of Maryland involved in the Revolutionary War and the building of our new nation?



Want to support your child at home.  Howard County has created the SMART pages to help.  Follow the link to find activities for at home success.




Our focus this quarter is on persuasive writing.  We will continue to work on applying our spelling and language mechanics to our written work.



During the second quarter we are working on our safety unit.  We will look at topics such as Internet safety, water safety, home alone safety, car and bus safety, and gun safety.


Book Reports

The Biography/Memoir book reports were fantastic.  Our next book report will be on a nonfiction book.  More information will be coming.



Please feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher through notes or email. 


Email Addresses

Mr. Eisentraut

Ms. Zaruba

Mrs. Jablon

Ms. Moore

Mrs. Mastellone